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EndWarts 5ml


EndWarts is a CE-marked medical device for self-treatment. A simple, effective and mild way of removing warts.


EndWarts is a new Swedish patented warts treatment which helps the body to dry out warts. EndWarts can be used on hand warts, foot warts and body warts (not on the face or on genital warts).


EndWarts is a colourless solution which, in contrast with other wart treatments, has formic acid as an active substance. Formic acid is an organic biologically degradable acid that is also bactericidal.


EndWarts is easy to use.Treat it once a week – that’s enough.


Uniquely long-lastingA bottle of EndWarts (5 ml) is enough for about 30 treatments for 1-5 warts. EndWarts can be kept for 3 years.

EndWarts 5ml

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