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Femarelle 56kaps


Femarelle is a natural and safe alternative that is in line with the solutions a woman wants in menopause.


Femarelle contains a specially formulated soy, grown on carefully selected areas without the risk of genetic manipulation. The effective ingredient, DT56a, is produced by a specific and patented process without the use of chemical agents. DT56a used in the capsule with flaxseed. Femarelle is very well documented and has been on the world market for over 10 years.


Femarelle is the market's most well-documented supplements - a safe choice for those who want a quick effect, security and bone health! Today there is no reason to accept a reduced quality of life during menopause.


9 out of 10 women experience a positive effect, most already after 5-7 days! *



Recommended intake: 1 capsule twice daily morning and evening; can be taken with or without food.





Per capsule:

Soy, DT56a 322 mg, 108 mg Flaxseed. 

Femarelle 56kaps
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