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Gerimax Blue 90tabl


Gerimax is manufactured from the finest ginseng of the type Panax ginseng CA Meyer. Dansk Droge has developed a unique ginseng extract, GGE, comprising a special composition of active components, the effect of which has been documented through extensive clinical trials in several countries.


These trials show that Gerimax:

provides more energy
improves personal performance
helps in times of stress
improves ability to resolve problems


Gerimax is available in three types to meet different consumer needs:

  • Blue Gerimax: ginseng + full daily dose of the most important vitamins and minerals
  • Green Gerimax 50+: ginseng + full daily dose of vitamins and minerals for older people
  • Red Gerimax: pure ginseng
  • Red Gerimax Tonic: pure ginseng in liquid form, available in cherry and eucalyptus flavours


1tabl daily with food. Can combines with Red Gerimax for 14 days for more energy , then continue with Gerimax Blue. 



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