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Hemoplett 60tabl - Ledins


A majority of people believe that the blood status only depends on the iron intake. New research shows that it is many vitamins and minerals that interact. A proper uptake of all necessary components will help the formation of red blood cells and an improved up-take of nourishment will be experienced. B12 - forms and renews red blood cells and is important for the iron turnover. Folic acid - forms and renews red blood cells and is important for the foetus's development .Iron- is important for increasing oxygen level in the blood   and the body's growth and resistance. Zinc - is important for the blood's stability and the body’s acid/basis balance and the foetus's development .C-vitamin - increases the body's ability to iron up-take. B6 - is necessary for the production of red blood cells and up-take of vitamin B12 B1 and B2 - interacts with vitamin B6. Calcium - interacts with iron and is required for up-take of B12. Nettle and alfalfa - is plants rich on minerals and chlorophyll that can to stimulate the up-take of minerals. This products vitamin and the addition of minerals that helps to improve the blood values. Specially designed for women in fertile age, pregnant and breast-feeding.  



1 tablet daily in connection with meal.  



1 tablet: B12-vit 9mcg, folic acid 400mcg, irons 20mg, zinc 15mg, C-vitamin 90mg, B1-vit 2mg, B2-vit 2mg, B6-vit 3mg, calcium 100mg, nettle extract (10: 1) 75mg, alfalfa 50mg.

Hemoplett 60tabl - Ledins

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