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Privacy Policy

You will be able to feel confident when you entrust your personal information. Therefore, we have established this privacy policy to inform you how we treat your personal information, what we use, who will get to know your information, and how to take advantage of your rights and privacy. It is based on current legislation on data protection.
Naturally, your personal information mainly deals with the best of our obligations to our customers. Our starting point is that we will not process more personal information than is required for each purpose.
We handle your personal information in order for us to provide you with delivery, invoice handling and good service, information and support regarding your purchased purchases. We will also need your personal information to comply with applicable laws and regulations, but also to conduct customer surveys and send targeted offers by email to our customer club members.
What personal data do we treat?
Hor Naturally, we only process personal data when we have legal basis and only where it is necessary to fulfill our obligations to you as a customer. Here are examples of the personal data we are dealing with:
mobile number
Date / Date of birth
When using our site, information about your device is stored to counter fraud, resolve technical issues and improve user friendliness for all customers. This includes:
IP address
Data that identifies which browser and version you are using
How do we access your personal information?
In most cases, you will be given the opportunity to accept our Terms of Use before we begin to handle your information, in case our processing of your information is based on your consent.
Naturally, access to your personal information is as follows:
The information you provide and which we receive in conjunction with the purchase
Information we receive when you sign up for our newsletter.
The information we receive when contacting us is our customer service, visiting us or otherwise contacting us
Your rights
-Right to erase
You may at any time withdraw your consent for data retention. Naturally, it will no longer be possible to process your personal information or obtain new, provided that it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations under contract or law. Keep in mind that a revocation of consent may mean that we are unable to fulfill the obligations we have for you as a customer. To revoke consent for personal information, please contact:
-Right to change
You are entitled to request correction / rectification of your information. Contact us at
-Right to information
You are always entitled to receive the personal information we have stored in an easy-to-read format. You can see your information under "My Pages" when you log in to our website. If you need to get them in file format, please contact:
Right to Release Marketing
You are entitled to oppose that we use your personal information to conduct marketing to you. Newsletters and targeted offers are sent only to our customers who made an active choice to receive email from Natural. When you complete your first purchase with us, you will receive an offer to continue to receive Credible Customer Gift Cards. You can at any time choose to quit getting offers at NAturligt. Furthermore, each newsletter contains from us the possibility of deregistration from further participation.
If you have any questions or complaints about our handling please contact us at You also have the opportunity to file a complaint with the data inspection if you believe we treat your personal data in violation of the Data Protection Ordinance.
Processing your data
Naturally, routines and working practices are maintained based on the safe management of your personal data. The starting point is that only our personnel within the organization who need access to personal data in order to carry out their duties should be able to access them.
Our system is designed to maintain your integrity and protects very much from intrusion, destruction as well as other changes that may endanger your privacy. We do not transfer personal data to other parties in cases other than those expressly stated in this policy.
- When do we share your personal information?
Naturlig's starting point is to disclose personal information only to a third party if you have explicitly approved this or if it is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations under agreement or law. In cases where we would disclose personal information to third parties, we ensure that personal data is processed safely.
We share your personal information with:
Third party supplier who processes your personal information on our behalf. For example, to handle payment, shipping, and distributing email.
Other third parties to the extent necessary to comply with Swedish law, such as government requests or court decisions.
- How long do we save your personal information?
Naturally, your personal data and transaction data will only be saved for as long as it is necessary to fulfill our commitments to you and to defend legal claims and as long as required by statutory storage times. (Bookkeeping etc)
Customer service data is usually saved 6 months after completion of the case. For customer orders, we save the information necessary (name, address, email) for the accounting for up to 8 years according to the Accounting Act. Information needed to complete the order, follow up and handle any repurchase and complaints we save for 1 year from your last purchase. For Faithful Customer Gift Cards, we save data for two years from your last purchase.
Naturally, cookies use the website to give you a better shopping experience for you as a customer as well as for keeping anonymous statistics. We also use cookies to manage the cart as well as favorites.
Naturligt Sweden AB is responsible for personal data, which means we are responsible for the processing of your personal data and the use of your rights.