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L-Argiplex Female 100caps - Macronova


L-arginin for desire and function

This is a strengthening diet supplement  that increases the sexual desire, the enjoyment and wellbeing for both women and men. It gives also a good antioxidant protection and is generally strengthening and bracing effect and  is advantageously used daily. The product's effect comes within 12 - 48 hours but can to vary little average different persons.



5 capsules per day.

Not be recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women.



Capsules (a day dose) contains:L-Arginine HCL 2125mg,  Magnesium 170mg, vitamin C 150mg, vitamin E 20mg, Vitamin B6 10mg,  Pantoten acid 10mg, vitamin B2 1,5mg, Biotine 600mcg, folic acid 400mcg.

L-Argiplex Female 100caps - Macronova
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Medica Nord

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