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Lamisil Singeldos 1% - Novartis


Lamisil Once ® is the first and only product that only needs to be applied once.

It works like this: when Lamisil Once ® is applied, it forms a film on the skin. After about three days the film disappears but the active ingredient, terbinafine, is left in the skin where it acts effectively to combat fungus. Lamisil Once ® kills the fungus that causes the infection, rather than just prevent it from growing.

More benefits of Lamisil Once ®: Many people who have athlete's foot find it a hassle to use a cream, gel or spray every day for a long time. Therefore, they often interrupt the treatment as soon as symptoms disappear - but before the infection is completely gone. Unfortunately, there is a risk that the fungus will return if the full course of treatment isn´t carried out according to the instructions - and a vicious cycle of recurrent infections created.

To use 

A single treatment for athlete's foot in a dose. Lamisil Once ® should be applied to both feet after you've showered or bathed. Start by applying half of the tube's contents at the foot where the symptoms are the worst. Then use the rest of the tube to the other foot - even if it has no visible signs or symptoms. Use your fingers to wipe the product on the skin between, on top and underneath the toes. Then apply the product on the sole of the foot and about 1.5 cm up the side of the foot.

Lamisil Once ® be stroked on in an even layer over your feet - not rubbed. Allow the product to be absorbed in one to two minutes after application. Discontinue treatment with Lamisil Once ® to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid spreading the infection to other parts of the body. Throw the used tube after treatment - you should have used up the entire tube.
And remember: do not wash your feet with soap for 24 hours after you've applied Lamisil Once ®.
Lamisil Once ® should relieve symptoms such as itching and burning within a few days.

Lamisil Singeldos 1% - Novartis

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