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Original Silicea 60caps


Original silicea Gel supplies the body with silica in a form that is absorbed especially well by the human organism. For while siliceous earth contains larger silicon molecule complexes, the silicic acid molecules (silicic acid: a compound of silicon, oxygen, and water) in the silicea gel are suspended in micro-dispersed (colloidal) form. The small particle size allows the silicic acid molecules in the gel to easily penetrate the intestinal wall, move via the blood stream to the connective tissue and unfold their well-known positive effect on skin, hair, and nails.


Original silicea Gel and Original silicea Capsules are ideal complements: The silica contained in silicea Capsules is also present in colloidal form and thus readily absorbable, though not quite as efficiently as in the gel. This is why Original silicea Gel, which does not contain preservatives and should therefore be stored in the refrigerator, is your best choice for use at home. The capsules, however, are the ideal dietary supplement for 'hot days' when you are travelling.



1caps each day.

Original Silicea 60caps

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