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Oxytarm 120tabl


Oxytarm contains OxyGen™, Gaia Pharma's own specially designed colon cleansing formulation. A blend of ozone, oxygen and magnesium, tied together in a unique crystal grid matrix. Oxytarm is formulated for a gentle colon cleanse. When the tablet reaches the stomach, the gastric acids, together with the vitamin C and bioflavonoids, break down the bonds in the crystal structure and oxygen, ozone and magnesium are released.


Especially beneficial for those following a detox regime or for sufferers of constipation and IBS, the active ingredients detoxify, disinfect, cleanse, heal and strengthen the digestive organs. Built-up mucoid plaque is softened and bacteria, fungus and viruses are killed. Oxygen then attacks the "bad" bacteria, helping to remove the plaque. When the softened, almost liquid plaque is loosened from the colon wall, magnesium helps the stool masses to move down the colon. Magnesium provides a mild and reliable colon cleansing effect that helps the colon's ability to drain completely, alleviating constipation and restoring regular bowel function.



2tabl twice daily for one week. After that 2tabl daily. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.



Oxytarm 120tabl

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