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Solaray Cal-Mag 2:1 vitamin D 90veg.caps -Solaray


Strength for skeletons and teeth

The calcium and magnesium in this product is bound if the form of a citrate. This makes the up-take of the two elements more effective. Addition of calcium in the form of calcium-citrate can be recommended to persons with little stomach acid. Calcium is needed for the nerve system. It is also important for the muscles and the blood´s ability to coagulate. Calcium gives together with phosphor and magnesium hardness and strength to skeletons and teeth.

Magnesium is needed for the nerve-system, the muscles and the skeleton in order to take care of carbohydrates in the body. Magnesium is important in many enzyme systems.


Vitamin D is important for up-take of calcium from the intestine.



3-6 capsules daily with food or drink.



6 capsules: Calcium 1000 mg (125% of RDI)

Magnesium500 mg (165% of RDI)

Vitamin D 5 mcg (100% of RDI)

Calcium-citrate, magnesium-oxide, plant-based capsule, thickening , alfalfa leaf, green English crass blades, dandelion root, parsley blades, vitamin D from fish oil.


Does not contain:Fermented, corn, Gluten, Lactose, Soya, sugar, imitation- dyestuffs, or additive matters.

Solaray Cal-Mag 2:1 vitamin D 90veg.caps -Solaray

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