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SukrinMelis 400g


Now Sukrin is also available in finely-ground form, as icing sugar. SukrinMelis dissolves more easily than regular Sukrin, and is suitable for:

  • Cakes and desserts that are not baked (for example, cheesecake)
  • Icing: cream cheese, butter cream, chocolate glaze or similar
  • Ice tea and other cold drinks
  • Smoothies
  • Decoration/sprinkle
  • Yogurt/quark

SukrinMelis can also be used in baking in the same way as Sukrin. The sweetness is the same, and it has a slightly larger volume. 100 ml Sukrin weigh 90 grams, while 100 ml SukrinMelis weighs about 70 grams.

When you use SukrinMelis to make regular icing (with water/egg white), you may want to mix half/half with regular icing sugar to get the right consistency.



SukrinMelis 400g

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