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Testo Up 200caps - Swedish Supplements


Testo Up is a testosterone booster designed for men who want to optimize their hormone levels
Testo Up - Effective optimization and enhancement of the body's hormone system, with muscle building and increased exercise performance which results!
Composed of topics that everyone seems positive for the body's endocrine system
Can offer increased performance, muscle building and libido
Contains D-aspartic acid which preserves normal testosterone levels.
Enriched with Siberian ginseng that counteracts fatigue and gives energy
The male hormone testosterone plays a key role in man's vitality and health and directly necessary for muscle building and thus improved exercise performance. With years falls domestic production and results in a poorer resilience, difficulties in developing strength and muscle mass, as well as a decrease sexual performance.
Now, Swedish Supplements with Testo come up with a carefully balanced solution, which had taken scientifically proven substances in the correct balanced doses to achieve the maximization of one's own hormone production.
Testo Up has a revolutionary transport including live bacterial flora that significantly increases the absorptive capacity of the constituent plant extracts.
Swedish Supplements are equipped Testo Up with plenty of DAA (D-aspartic acid), which has recognized the effective action for muscle increasing. A dosage of Testo Up offers full 3000 mg DAA!
Other active substances which optimizes the synergies of Testo Up:
3,4-divanillyl tetrahydrofuran - stinging nettle extract, which lowers the levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globuline), thereby increasing the levels of free testosterone in the blood. SHBG is a substance that binds up testosterone and makes it unusable for muscle growth.
Agaricus bisporus extract. which has potent anti-estrogenic action. Estrogen may contribute to an increased fat especially in men. Anti-estrogens have the ability to increase testosterone levels in men.
Fenugreek Extract (Fenugreek) - well-known and long used because this herb contains over 100 phytochemical ingredients such furostanolsaponoider and steroidal saponoider. Traditionally, fenugreek has been used to increase libido and boost immune system.
The above components represent only a sample of all the ingredients that make Testo Up to a real winner amongst muskelökare. As icing on the cake: et, Swedish Supplements obvious added proportioned amounts of Zinc and Vitamin D, which both have a solid role in ensuring a controlled production of testosterone.


Recommended Use
Take 4 capsules with a large glass of water, the morning before breakfast and before bedtime. Do not exceed the recommended maximum dosage of 8 capsules / day.


D-aspartic acid, Fenugreek extract, brocholi extract, mushroom extract, green oat extract, Transreservatol 98%, Brännässelextrakt, ginger extract, Ginzeng root, zinc gluconate, active bacterial culture of L-casei, capsule: gelatin (cow), colorant: titanium dioxide, E131,

Testo Up 200caps - Swedish Supplements

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