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Losing the sex appeal is a problem that can't be spoken openly. A person's decreased sexual desire may spring from many causes. Some medicines for example antidepressants, sedatives, heart and blood pressure medications can affect our desire. This also applies to certain diseases, diabetes, heart disease, but also stress and anxiety affects us.



Sex drive is very important for our health and well-being, therefore we do have desire raising toys for adults.

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Sensual Creams


Available under the subcategories Male and Female Viamax

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Lust-raising news                                                                                2017-10-20

Solaray GPH Articrot 60veg.caps - Solaray

Strengthen the body against physical and mental strain.  


Read more about Solaray Super GPH Rosenrot 60veg.kaps »

Vårt pris: €30.33

Rek pris: €32.50
Solaray Super GPH Rosenrot 60veg.kaps

Daisy 40ml For female lust - NewLifestyle

This cream can help you to get back your desire for sex.  


Read more about klitorisgel »

Vårt pris: €27.06

Rek pris: €31.52

Testo Up 200caps - Swedish Supplements

A testosterone booster designed for men who want to optimize their hormone levels 


Read more about Testo Up 200kaps »

Vårt pris: €37.93

Testo Up 200kaps

Viamax Sensitive Gel 50ml - Viamax

Gel which increases the blood flow and moistness, intensifies sensitivity. Effect increases with the number om applications.  


Read more about Viamax Sensitive »

Vårt pris: €21.63

Rek pris: €27.07
Viamax Sensitive

Viamax Warm Cream 15ml

Cream which increases the blood flow with a warming sensation. Effect increases with the number om applications. 


Read more about Viamax Warm »

Just nu: €10.76

Vårt pris: €11.85
Rek pris: €16.20
Viamax Warm

Viamax Water Glide 70ml

Water based glide fluid which promotes natural lubrication. Glycerine free and non staining. Immediate effect. For intimate lubrication purposes. Condom and toy safe.  


Read more about Viamax Water »

Vårt pris: €11.85

Rek pris: €14.02
Viamax Water


Viamax for Lust & Pleasure  

Viamax has launched a serie of products for increased lust for both women and men.

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